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Aster Aweke

December 17, 2011

Studying our global interrelatedness as music makers often leaves one appreciative of complex creativity, yet baffled by the breadth of blendings and inflections that can be borrowed and “shaped” from culture to culture.  A truly gifted artist whose synergistic abiilities transcend exact, neat categories of  description despite analytic deconstruction is a delight to the aural palate. Aster Aweke is one such artist. She is classified as  Afro-beat / Jazz / Roots Music on her Myspace site

Her music roots are definitively African–Eithiopian. Many of her early albums are in her indigenous language. Later CDs mix in English dialogue and lyrics.   Her band uniquely weaves traditional aesthetics with those of the peoples of the African diaspora (Jazz ,  Blues), and also with European pop sounds. Asweke’s voice is unique and very recognizable after liistening to only a few strands of singing. She has amazing control over jazz inflected phrases, blues pitch bends, and short riffs as well as traditional haunting modal melismas.

Aster Aweke now lives in the United States and those who are aware of her,  welcome her creative contributions. Click onto and enjoy.

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Delores Fisher/Musewoman

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