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VH1 Behind The Music at 1:15AM-A Few Brief Thoughts

June 16, 2012

Another semi-sleepless night. It’s times like this that praying, reading, composing, talking to other insomniacs on the phone or Skype helps the night meander its way into morning. This is also one of the best times to watch Vh1 Behind the Music on television. It is not one of those pretty pretty glam/dram fluff with no substance docu-biogs.

True, it often presents media shaped interview bytes that intrigue, but the writers also provide segmental autobiographic and biographic video bytes which expand the information narrative with frank comments by stars, producers,directors,critics and close friends that one can not easily find elsewhere.

Vh1 Behind the Music is twenty first century contemporary video-graphic documentation of an artist’s corporeal presence, stage aesthetics, singing or instrumental style, progression from his or her nascent performer moments in front of a public audience to an artist’s current works and performance persona. And for those who have more than an early morning sleepless Jones beyond a bowl of buttered popcorn and clicking on the TV, the show is Internet Accessible, 24/7. 

R U A  Vh1er 2?

The above question leads me through this slightly rambling insomniac extension of a discussion of virtual music brand community formation and identity found in Cybersounds:Essays on Virtual Music:

Consumption is conceived as a process of meaning making, and the notion of ‘active’ or ‘creative’ consumption recognizes that consumers are reflexive about their consumption activities, actively interpreting or judging,appropriating or resisting the texts offered for consumption1.

The show’s format is accessible. It is Twitter and Facebook friendly which facilitates recognition of community, discourse, and interaction. It also encourages one to look beyond music as an absolute construct, to look deeper into a musician’s socio-cultural significance,to examine extra-music aspects of a performer’s life, to sense the real behind industry smoke and mirrors.

Well,Vh1 Behind the Music is ending tonight’s artist close-up, and yes, it has stimulated my interest in future reading about its featured musician. Hmmmm. . . . 2:07 AM. My neighbor just cranked up the tunes and I am just getting sleepy enough to turn off the TV and listen.

Delores Fisher (Musewoman)

1. “Music B(r)ands Online and Constructing Community: The Case of New Model Army in Cybersounds:Essays on Virtual Music Culture, ed. Michael D. Ayers (Peter Lang Publishing Inc.: New York 2006) 142.

  1. Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a material! present here at this blog, thanks admin of this web site.


    • VH-1 provides a real life critical look at pop culture icons and artist. I recommend it to students as an audio-visual reference/research starting point that is accessible low jack:Television or Online.

      Musewoman/Delores Fisher


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