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Above the 1,ooo Viewer Benchmark

April 27, 2013

Wow, this site viewer stats pushed through the 1,000 viewer mark!!!!!!!!!

This is just a quick thank you post to readers and supporters worldwide. My focus has been on teaching for this semester, but the summer is coming and my schedule should relax a bit to allow more time to post. Definitely need to share recent exciting events.

Delores Fisher Pianist, Blogger, Poet, Lecturer

Delores Fisher Pianist, Blogger, Poet, Lecturer

For instance,I  attended a most informative town hall meeting with “Freeway Rick Ross” or “the real Rick Ross” as he has sometimes been called. This Rick Ross is an ex-felon who has turned his life around and is now involved in community outreach to bring peace to black communities in crisis and a message of hope to urban oppressed who see no way out of their present circumstances.

"The Real Rick Ross"

“The Real Rick Ross”

His life has unfortunately been intertwined with the controversial and seemingly brutally misogynistic rapper Rick Ross whose authenticity is often questioned because he allegedly was once a law abiding corrections officer.

The town meeting was widely advertised and covered by one of San Diego’s African American newspapers, The Voice Viewpoint

Held at the Jacob’s Center here in San Diego,  Ross’s presentation brought together community elders from various religions, political allegiances, educational and media organizations as well interested community members and students.

Today’s Freeway Rick  Ross is now a humble man whose life witness is cautionary. His goal is to inspire  community unity, growth, ethical decisions, and to encourage young men and women to embrace each other in a positive, productive intra-generational as well as inter-generational interaction.

Rick Ross with Professor Delores Fisher and young scholar Terry Sivers

Rick Ross with Professor Delores Fisher and young scholar Terry SiversNote: Upcoming posts to complete the series on Hip Hop:

Covering Dr. Dre. next, followed by women of Hip Hop and the final installment will address issues surrounding the controversy of Hip Hop “flavah” gospel music and the traditional Black Church.

D. Fisher

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