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Seaport Village Strolling: Buskers

April 30, 2014

Spring semester is almost finished. Looking back over the people and music covered in Sonictapestry, I’ve decided to keep my new main page focus   about African American music, culture, and lived experiences from a personal perspective—sometimes scholarly, sometimes interview/interaction, sometimes commentary, and expansive in scope.


Walking around Seaport village is a favorite activity. People from all around the world walk our port village. Especially in the spring and summer, traditional convention goers and specialty conventioneers  (we host Comic Con each year) merge with pedicabs, joggers, kite flyers, and glow light tossers to flood the village day, night, and evening. One can also enjoy buskers and artists performing, painting, sculpting, drawing, miming, balancing rocks, and sometimes just singing by the harbor wall.

I have seen many of these professionals and amateurs in other venues, so it’s always a treat to see them down by the water. Here’s a photo gallery of a few of my favorite people and Seaport Village sites:


Delores Fisher and Ravi

Delores Fisher and Ravi

Ravi the Rock Whisperer with balanced rocks

Ravi the Rock Whisperer




Extreme Rahim Family Comedian

Rock Guitar Guy Mime                       Extreme Rahim Family Comedian


Local Jeweler                "Mean Streets" Singer/songwriter

Local Jeweler                                        Singer/Songwriter “Mean Streets”




Pier  Artist Julie

Pier-side water color artist Julie

Dancing Pat Moran

Dancing Pat Moran

Dancing Pat Moran and Delores Fisher

Dancing Pat Moran and Delores Fisher

When you’re in San Diego, drop by Seaport Village and enjoy our diverse artistic community.

Musewoman, Delores Fisher







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