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African Americans and Comic Con 2014

July 28, 2014

It was just plain fun to walk around Comic-Con this year interacting with a few celebrities, other bloggers, and people who just wanted to talk comics. A shout out to Insider correspondent and co-host Kevin Frazier (updated with apologies to Mr. Frazier…..had several celebrities and another host on my mind when I saw him..I am a Kevin Frazier fan and was sooo excited…) He took time out from taping show segments to take a photo with me on the Harbor Drive pedestrian Bridge . A really gracious gesture much appreciated.

Insider Show's Tom Joyner and Delores Fisher

Insider Show’s Kevin Frazier and Delores Fisher

Quite a few African Americans and other people of color of all ages and “body abilities” joined the festivities to make 2014 Comic-Con International a truly global event. I had some really insightful conversations with actors at event “show sets”  aspiring to a film career, and with cosplayers about favorite comic characters, upcoming comic trends, and their life stories that revealed much about their cosplay character choices. Quite a few were veteran competitors, but many were here in San Diego not to compete, but to enjoy lectures, workshops, celebrity presentations, author/book signings and the general convention “vibe.”

Saturday evening was the gala Masquerade Ball with competition and awards; however, many were in walking around outside in costume for photo ops and “just for the play.” Quite a few families wore full costume–moms and dads with children on shoulders or in hand. (Non locals and locals enjoyed the interactive family oriented outside events.)

Vikings Interactive event

Vikings Interactive event

Harbor side near the Hard Rock Hotel

Harbor side near the Hard Rock Hotel

While taking photos for my photo gallery/slide show, I had a most interesting conversation with a female as Loki about Black comic characters and their importance to this present generation as a source of empowered images. Several minutes into our discussion, she also informed me of the proposed upcoming female Thor character in comic-dom that should provide plenty of intense media conversations about women and the new feminist movement in the near future.

Female Cosplayer as Loki

Female Cosplayer as Loki

A Luke Cage cosplayer gave insight to logistics and character role versatility. He’s been seen as a Jedi (thank you Star Wars and Samuel Jackson) and indeed wore the multi-layered very dense costume at Comic-Con 2014, but the weather here has been very hot and humid. He changed into his less layered Luke Cage attire mid day on Friday.

Changed from Jedi to Action hero

Changed from Jedi to Luke Cage

For a few of my sonictapestry readers who are unaware, the existence of African American comic characters is new information, so to help bring some of my Sonic Tapestry readers up to specs, Here’s one of several quick resource Internet  sources to check on the web. According to Comic vine, DC Universe has had quite a few well known Black comics series:

And of course, Comic Vine also provides an array of Marvel Comics Black characters:

DC Universe and Marvel comic characters have thrilled millions of teens and continue to shake up the comics universe with new ideas about heroes, disability, race and gender.

Well, Comic-Con 2014 closed on Sunday evening. It’s been fun!

Delores Fisher bayside at Comic-Con closing

Delores Fisher bayside around sunset at Comic-Con closing


Delores Fisher

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