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Hope For Haiti 2015 Fund Raiser Black Student Science Organization SDSU

February 25, 2015

Every year for the last five years, the  San Diego State University BSSO (Black Student Science Organization)   has held a fund raiser to increase awareness about Haiti’s recovery and ongoing needs after the devastating earthquake of January 2010. It has been five years of hands on applied philanthropy to help Haitians help themselves. I enjoy interacting with  the BSSO and am honored to be invited to perform.


            Delores Fisher with bassist Chris Swann

The students of the Black Student Science Organization participate in internships and research projects year round. They also work with support other SDSU campus organizations with their time and energy. “Campus in community” minded Dr. Estralita Martin is their advisor/mentor.

One of the BSSO’s focus events is their support for the island of Haiti. Many performers, staff members, and professors, donate their talents and take the stage to express their continuing concern and solidarity with the BSSO’s efforts to give back not only to the local, but to the global community. DR. Estralita Martin always attends and supports the events with biographical readings about African American scientists and their accomplishments.Here are a few photo highlights of those who graced the stage:

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Officers of the Black Student Science Organization greeted performers and audience members.


Afrofuturist specialist and much sought after national conference speaker professor Ajani Brown presented a biographical reading. Known for his philanthropy and support of many campus and nationwide events, his presence was inspiring.

Africana Studies Professor Ajani Brown

Africana Studies Professor Ajani Brown

Rock bassist Chris Swann stopped by between tours.(For a few more Hope for Haiti photos click Chris’s link)

IMG_20150211_192614                                                  Bassist Chris Swann

Young Rapper and SDSU student Deon gave special tribute with one of his originals

Young Rapper Deon

Young Rapper Deon

Vocalist April has performed since her pre-years with dynamic vocals.



Philanthropist and ongoing aid worker Rick Pickett presented a hope filled report of thriving projects that are helping the people of Haiti to experience sustainable recovery and restoration.


Rick Pickett in Haiti with local school staff"

Rick Pickett in Haiti with local school staff”

One especially exciting project that Rick Pickett shared is a newly built school which is not only teaching students with an onsite traditional class room-teacher delivery system, but also, through cyber access and interaction with our global  cyber community. Mr. Pickett’s contributions to Haiti’s recovery has been an ongoing dedicated labor of love for years.

Rick Pickett

Rick Pickett

Thank you to the BSSO for the opportunity to share my gifts as a poet/spoken word artist in support of the people of Haiti’s recovery.This year, international bassist/rock musician Chris Swann accompanied me for my original poem presentation  “Priceless.”

Bassist Chris Swann and Spoken Word Artist Delores Fisher

Bassist Chris Swann and Spoken Word Artist Delores Fisher

If you are able, click onto the BSSO website to contribute.

We indeed are the world.


Delores Fisher

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