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San Diego’s Valencia Park/Malcolm X Library 20th Anniversary

March 17, 2016
Delores Fisher Sonic Tapestry Blogger

Delores Fisher
Sonic Tapestry Blogger

Celebrations, celebrations rain or shine!

As Spring semester started, invitations and appearance commitments were a bit interesting to fulfill. For me this Spring 2016, several events were most enjoyable and memorable. The Valencia Park/ Malcolm X Library 20th year anniversary celebration on January 9th was one of those events. City Library personnel(former Valencia Park Librarian Marguerite Farmer), politicians (Dr. Shirley Weber and City Council member Myrtle Cole) were on the program, as well as activists, educators, and entertainers.  Everyone sat side by side and shared the experience even  just the “regular folks,” the Southeast San Diego community who use the facilities and check out books at the Valencia Park/Malcolm X library.

In the background were Friends of the library and interim librarian Marc Chery.

Marc Chery

Marc Chery

Marc Cheri from the San Diego Central Library, voluntarily stepped in to manage the library when it needed a guiding hand due to a staff vacancy. He is familiar with the site and knows how it functions for that area.

The Valencia Park/ Malcolm X Library, right next door to the Elementary Institute of Science, also serves as a resource for many of its neighborhood students who do homework and use the computers for research.

Here are a few photo highlights of the event.

Valencia Park/ Malcolm X Library community celebration: standing room only!

Valencia Park/ Malcolm X Library community celebration: standing room only!

wed 2016 019

Audience listening to one of several speakers


 Rev. Alyce Smith-Cooper

Rev. Alyce Smith-Cooper

wed 2016 030

Community member and family


(In a photo op moment, before her announcement to run for the San Diego School board candidate) Aid to Dr. Shirley Weber, LaShae Collins enjoys the program.

LaShae Collins

LaShae Collins


Junk Yard Dance Crew danced a lively performance and Pianist/music teacher Bobbie Hearns presented a historic-musical panorama of African American Music from its origins to today’s Uptown Funk, Neo Soul, Gospel, and Rap/Hip Hop. Gloria Verdieu gave an historic overview of the original plans for and the naming of the library. Poet Rocio Cordova blazed with lyrical flow on self-hood and social agency.   Poet Rocio Cordova                                                           Poet Activist Rocio Cordoba

Jim Moreno, educator/activist made a surprise appearance

wed 2016 020

Poet Educator /activist Jim Moreno

Central Library Assistant Alan Bugg and I had a chance to catch up on small talk.   Sylvia Talafaro, president of the African American Writer’s Ink who presents community programs for young artists, is also a cultural activist. She gave me exciting information on several upcoming projects for 2016—more about that later this year!

Alan Bugg Central Library Library Assistant

Alan Bugg Central Library : Library Assistant











I  spotted T-Ford, dressed down, blending in; there in community, mingling, talking to people and enjoying the performances.Bloggerazzi moment!!!

JD. T Ford

Educator T Ford was trying to be incognito!


Low key and quite quiet, Rapper Tiny Doo, who has seen his share of controversy,  was at the event to support literacy and educational programs that the library provides to youth and adults.

San Diego Rapper Tiny Doo

San Diego  Rapper Tiny Doo


wed 2016 027                                                 Delores Fisher and Tiny Doo

Keynote Speaker, UCSD professor, Dennis Childs gave a dynamic speech filled with anecdotes and an inspirational message about the importance of family, community, education, and organizations that unite communities towards a positive future.

Keynote Speaker, UCSD professor Dennis Childs

Keynote Speaker, UCSD professor Dennis    Childs

The 20th Year anniversary celebration of the Malcolm X library was definitely one of my favorite 2016 year opening events.


D. Fisher

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