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Hip Hop Summit 2016 San Diego

July 12, 2016

delores fisher

Delores Fisher ” traditional researcher ”

june 30 203

In community scholar (Delores Fisher), rapper Duchess Smooth,  poet Roxanne Della McNiel (Della Queen)

Hip Hop—It survives after at least four decades having morphed into several styles from profane to religious and several forms in many languages among diversely cultures in our global/earth community. Hip Hop is even beginning to resemble its nascent inner city urban origin birthed first in underprivileged New York city communities of Blacks and Puerto Ricans.See

And, its surviving originators continue telling their life style embodied in musical expression even though it is now a “legitimate” African American/Puerto Rican derived musical genre with cultural and racial “flavahs” from around the world.1 See my Hip Hop post from 2013

San Diego CA has  a vibrant Hip Hop community. Similar to activists in Hip Hop influenced communities around the United States, quite a few of San Diego’s young Hip Hop community mentors, activists, and leaders who know or are rappers, singers, dancers, DJs, affiliated with record companies or positive youth oriented organizations, are concerned about Black on Black violence as well as all forms of community conflict that toxically impacts our communities–especially our next generation of youth. Rapper Tiny Doo knows much about “hidden” challenges to those in San Diego’s Hip Hop culture when life took an unexpected twist  for him See–296455551.html       as well as for his son

I’d heard about a San Diego rapper arrested on a legal technicality, but did not really  put it all together until prof. T-Ford  began to explain who he was as she introduced Tiny Doo to me at San Diego’s Valencia Park/ Malcolm X Library’s 20th anniversary celebration

We talked for several minutes as I thought to myself, “This guy’s community oriented and he’s for real.”

wed 2016 028

Brandon “Tiny Doo” Duncan.

So when I read a dynamic promo on a main events board almost 7 feet high at San Diego State University  announcing a Hip Hop Summit for teens . . . I blinked twice to focus.At San Diego State?  Then I saw the name Tiny Doo and knew that it was legit.

june 30 131

Tiny Doo and Delores Fisher

june 30 134

That Saturday after a choir rehearsal, rushing to find the summit, I walked into Tiny Doo. We chatted and continued to the gathering together. The summit was into its second half as we walked in. It was moving into groups of a youth and mentors in a hands on session on how to write and perform a rap. I tweeted live from the session

It was joyous, full of positivity, community love, and care about our youth.

Here are a few photos.

june 30 146

Event organizer Armand (Program Director for Paving Great Futures)


june 30 156

Paving Great Futures staffer

june 30 138

MC/Host Aaron Harvey

When the youth and their mentors who had gone to other areas to workshop returned,  the rap battle began. Everyone had to rap over a  pre-recorded beat. Talented young vocalists flowed life into hooks. Girls and boys rapped written lyrics in their iindividualstyle(that had to coalesce with their team mates— difficult for only an hour together to create a “sound”).

june 30 162

“Herc” and his mentoring group

june 30 158

Big June and his group


june 30 181

The performance (with feedback)

Winners all, yet one group took the prize . . .Gaslamp Records.

june 30 161

Omar and Gaslamp Records mentoring youth

We congratulate all the young people for such hard work and bravery to perform with short notice!


june 30 192



june 30 136

Delores Fisher and spoken word artist Amen Ra

june 30 141

Rapper mentor on break


Ojune 30 165

A mother and young daughter( future rapper/performer like Missy Elliott?)

june 30 168

Helping the flow of creativity Brandon Holmes


june 30 209

OG’s supporting the move towards less violence and more peace



june 30 206

DJ Curtis McNiel was on sound

Rapper Duchess Smooth and Spoken word poet Roxanne Della Mcnieljune 30 196

Rapper Duchess Smooth and Spoken word poet Della Queen (Roxanne Della McNiel)


Photo op  (Delores Fisher) with Duchess Smooth and Della McNiel

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a hope filled community generated event. Without a lot of press coverage, like so many other similar anti-violence Black scholarly symposiums,  religious rallies, and informal nurturing cultural events that address concerns about and possible solutions for Black on Black violence San Diego’s Hip Hop summit ended with smiles, hand shakes, hugs, arms around each other. Men, women, girls, boys– community celebrating and sharing a positive lived experience model of interaction, of Hip Hop culture’s potential to create healing and unity.

june 30 205

Delores Fisher, rapper Duchess Smooth , poet Della Queen

In community and “in da house,”

Musewoman Delores Fisher


  1. I have researched and taught African American music history for several semesters, as well as the history and culture of Hip Hop (with an emphasis on its early years) and guest lectured select aspects in the African American music history.
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