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2016 and now 2017 Happy New Year!

December 31, 2016

Our seemingly long year of one of the most contentious elections is over. Peace, peace, peace, perhaps?

At any rate, time for a bit of frivolity. Here’s a few uh, “fun shout outs” from 2016.

Delores Fisher: Christmas Morning

Delores Fisher: Christmas Morning










Hooray for Dominos Pizza!

Delores Fisher at local Dominos Pizza

Delores Fisher at local Dominos Pizza

The elixir of sports enthusiasts and college students! A local artist donated her time and artistry to the public graffiti wall at a Dominos pizza here in downtown San Diego. Hope it stays for a while. It’s really good and truly fun.

Dominos Pizza Grafitti wall

Dominos Pizza Grafitti wall













And speaking of murals and graffiti art, Here’s another shout out to artist CHRISTOPHER KONECKI.

Remember his interview I did (on Youtube)


Well, here are a few more examples of his work. It’s two huge murals (about 25 feet high) on a parking garage off of 8th Ave and Broadway.

Christopher Konecki

Christopher Konecki









Christopher Konecki












On a city bus

On a city bus


Abstractk the Band

Abstractk the Band










At Seaport Village

At Seaport Village

Rockin' Ron on a rare break!

Rockin’ Ron on a rare break!










Samoan vocalist/gutarrist Pua

PUA: Samoan vocalist/gutairist

Walter Gentry(saxophonist) and me on a COLD afternoon

Walter Gentry(saxophonist) and me on a COLD afternoon












This year I got to try a few fun food stops in other states,

 Cracker Barrel.

sept-13-tues-039  Delores Fisher at Cracker Barrel



I even returned to a very popular tourist spot in Seaport Station (Seaport Village near the Cheese Cake Factory)


The food here is wonderful, gotta try it.

Puesto Mexican Street Food

Puesto Mexican Street Food

























A friend treated me to delightful chocolate candy created by a marvelous chocolateer,

the place?























Frivolity has its place and this has been a rather HEAVY year.















Of course good food does not replace good health, a sound spiritual balance/belief, an ability to enjoy material things and treasure that which is beyond materiality: loving family, loving friends, or loving neighbors.

Hope this brief update finds you healthy, at least a little more wealthy and a whole lot wiser for the coming year.

On that note, I’d like to share my never before seen and recently posted Comic Con 2016 music video with you.

Party on guys, take us into 2017:


Happy New Year!!!!!

Musewoman Delores Fisher


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