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Black Student Science Organization (at SDSU) Hope For Haiti Benefit 2018

February 24, 2018

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It’s Black History Month 2018 and media conversations range from continuing the month long celebration as a way to encourage yearlong dialogue and cultural exchange, or dropping it altogether.

For the Black Science Student Organization at San Diego State University, it’s a time to honor their long term commitment to help  Haiti continue its recovery. It is still recovering  from the devastating impact of the 2010 earthquake Haiti Britannica  that left hundreds dead, thousands displaced by toppled buildings, homes, and completely disrupted infrastructure services like heat, clean water, and lighting systems. In 2017, Haiti was also damaged by the winds of hurricane Irma  Hurricane Irma and Haiti

It was a pleasure to participate again this year. My first BSSO Hope For Haiti Benefit was several years ago. Love and caring filled San Diego State University’s School of Music and Dance stage. This year is their 9th consecutive benefit effort.


Many of the original performers and faculty support gathered together this February 16th, 2018 at the Conrad Presby Aztec Student Union Theater.


Paolo, Dr. Estralita Martin, April, and BSSO president Jasmine Carey

Two performers who have volunteered their time since they were youth at the very first benefits, Paolo, a noted young public orator, and April, an accomplished vocalist,  were honored for their consistent support with their talents. New groups and artists included singers, dance troupes, and spoken word poets. We acknowledged Haiti’s struggle, and celebrated the Haiti that is emerging even after recent hurricane damage that ripped apart newly built facilities and the people’s hope. Yet, the people are rebuilding with global and local assistance.


Ron Pickett

Philanthropist and ongoing aid worker Rick Pickett returned this year. He reminisced  about his and  BSSO’s initial decision to send not only financial assistance, but also supplies. This year he also talked about the resilience of the Haitians to keep healing, restoring, building. He shared stories of global cooperation and hope. This year BSSO raised almost 900$ and pledged some of the money in aid to hurricane Irma ravaged  Puerto Rico.


Ron Pickett

I performed one of my spoken word pieces, “Oh Lord How Long?” originally written to celebrate the Africana Studies Department’s 2012 Martin Luther King Luncheon held at SDSU. “Oh Lord, How Long?” Poem By Delores Fisher

At the end of the program, one of the vocalists invited us up to the stage . She led performers and audience in  “We are the World.”  As we sang, a warmth seemed to fill the auditorium, causing us to smile and sing the song’s verses with the audience. We also turned  towards each other hand in hand, as we sang the chorus.  Together, we can decide to show love with faith and hope, create a brighter today and tomorrow.


Poet/Blogger Delores Fisher

Happy, nurturing, positive, and productive Black History month!



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