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Celebrating MLK Day 2016


Delores Fisher (funky AM blogging) at Skybound Coffee + dessert Lounge

Happy Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King celebration! It is an American holiday for many. For others, it’s just another day that happens to have a contentious origin and acceptance. For me . . .it is a time of cultural memory and thanksgiving for much that has changed regardless of what has basically remained the same.

Today is a pivotal day that points to February, Black History Month, a month long critical celebratory remembrance of African American’s contributions to the world. However, people like me count today as one day in a continuum of acknowledgement and remembrance. For the majority, this day is annually set aside to think about Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  a Black family man who from time to time allegedly fell from familial loyalty and grace,   accepted back into the fold by loving wife Coretta.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born into the traditional Southern African American religious community experience. It is common knowledge that his father was a minister, his mother a church musician. His family ties ran deep roots into the community in which he grew. Like so many of his generation born under Jim Crow tyranny, he lived with virulent segregation which extended from the systematic to the personal that could turn vile and violent in an eye blink. He lived in an America in which he couldn’t even think about sitting down for lunch at many Southern lunch counters or at a table in many Southern AND Northern coffee shops.

This morning, after a disconcerting incident, across the street at a bistro with long lines and uptown in-crowd folks that look at me as if I should not even consider coming into their elite, private haunt, I am sitting comfortably in a very bio-saavy 21st century chillin’ coffee shop called Skybound coffee + dessert lounge at the corner of Market and Front near downtown San Diego.


Sign in front of Skybound Coffee = dessert lounge

Deciding that my kinda funky appearance may have prompted their response–it’s my morning stroll and write-I spotted the quiet welcoming coffee shop opposite the  uptown bistro. Skybound Coffee + dessert lounge’s barista smiles warmly as I walk in. I decided to stay. It might become one of my newest places to reflect and write.


Skybound Coffee + dessert lounge Outside dining area

A thick grey overcast sky with angry looking cloud masses and a peek-a-boo sun blowing occasional ray kisses onto cool undercurrent San Diego winter breezes has chased me these few blocks inland. Glad it did.  Skybound is a really cool coffee shop with really good coffee (their expresso is world ranked), scrumptious chocolate chip cookies (let them heat it up), and mellow yet rockin’ back drop music.


Skybound Coffee + dessert Lounge

MLK Walkway . . .

Earlier Monday morning, conscious of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s evolving legacy, I walked in deep thought. Despite no noticeable signs marking its existence, I know where MLK Walkway is, so I detoured from my Harbor stroll to walk and remember the history in which I grew up. Chilly winds skipped along the pavement, yet Mlk Walkway had sporadic  visitor clusters. Many stopped to read inserts of Rev. Dr. King’s memorable sayings. Here are my favorite today.


History books often sanitize our United States’ tumultuously bloody 1960s, a time of transition in concepts of racial, gender, religious, economic, social, age, disability, moral, political, educational, children’s rights and paradigms of power.
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s scholarship is frequently under fire these days. His use of other’s textual material in his dissertation without consistently giving credit has stoked defaming flames of plagiarism.  

Recent work has pointed to the same issue in his speeches and indicates that many of today’s politicians are also . . . culpable. It would be quite interesting in this election year if someone did such an analysis across the board as speech writers and campaign strategists ride wild winds of word craft across the terrain of America’s emotional public, blasting smoke from full tilt rhetorical throttles

This recent critical interrogation of Rev. Dr. King’s speeches is a life lesson for all  speak writers, for professionals who create manuscript speeches and for students who are learning to write them, for extemporaneous and impromptu speakers who enjoy freedom from censure, saying what ever they want. Remember to mention the source if you borrow material.

If one of your “inspiring” thoughts happens to sound like another’s, and people note it, use their discovery as a humbling confirmation that your inner thought world reflects a corpus of ideas that seemingly reappear cyclically  in human existence.

At a later date, if it can be worked into another occasion and context, amend your  statements, cite the original source, include similarities and differences in your next speech. Keep researching, reading, studying, reflecting on information you acquire, giving voice to reflective thought.

It is common knowledge that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. read widely, that he  studied and reflected on others thoughts. He grew into a globally recognized activist-scholar. He developed one definitive voice crying in a wilderness of upheaval,1 one template for personal proactive response in the middle of terrifying times and alternative perspectives.

As I sit sipping flavorful coffee, eating a chunky chocolate chip cookie at a Skybound Coffee + dessert lounge table in 21st century San Diego California this January morning, churning in political angst from voices claiming to speak for the many, or the all, I think of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and wonder . . .

End Note

  1.  KJV Matthew 3: 2-3 Biblical reference to John the Baptist.



Delores Fisher

Australian Jellyfish at San Diego Broadway Pier and Embarcadero

Delores Fisher at the Harbor

Delores Fisher at the Harbor

San Diego California has one of the most interesting harbor habitats in America. San Diego’s Broadway Pier, G Street Pier, and Embarcadero Park area welcome thousands of tourists from cruise ships, vacation yachts, and hotels each year. Our harbor activities range from on shore  leisure walking, reading, and enjoying picnics, to attending small busker concerts or huge bay side party bash concerts with mega name superstars. Recently, we had an unusual visitor . . .Australian jellyfish. Turns out that these jellyfish have been here for a while in our lower harbor area.

I took this photo at the G Street Pierjelly fish 2

I covered the event a few weeks ago for the Notesong Blog and began thinking about how this phenomenon is impacting our understanding of shifting ecosystems. We may not fully understand what is happening in our oceans and waterways for at least a few more years. See

However, I managed to get a video and more photos to post on Sonictapestry for my science community readers who might want to chime in about other natural phenomena. Enjoy.

Australian Jellyfish Video

As our climate continues to undergo unusual changes that seem to not have been documented by scientists as normal cyclical occurrences, we will probably experience   more of nature’s “surprises.”

Photos taken at Broadway Pier

It was an interesting summer.

Musewoman Delores Fisher



Delores Fisher’s San Diego Comic Con Chronicles 2015 #4: Literacy

Delores Fisher Afronaut circa mid-1980s

Delores Fisher Afronaut
circa mid-1980s

No, this is not going to be a blast at our nation’s literacy or lack thereof. Just wanted to consider Twenty-first century cultural literacy from the perspective of a once avid comic book reader, television cartoon watcher, and film goer, and club kid.

If one was into Funk music in the early 1970s, a childhood background of early morning cartoon watching (Here he comes to save the day  . . . Mighty Mouse is on his way!),  reading DC and Marvel comic book heroes,(Superman, Sgt. Fury and His Howling commandos) and watching sci-fi fantasy (The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and who can forget those frantic robotic words,”Danger Will Robinson?”) was common place. As a child, I read Jules Verne, Edgar Allen Poe, August Derleth, Isaac Asimov, Andre Norton, H. P. Lovecraft. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek provided me with expanded visions of African Americans living and accomplishing in a near future, visiting outer space and alien worlds.

As a teen in the early 70s, musically, I was aware of Sun Ra, Yosef Latif, Taj Mahal, of course Miles, and avant -garde classical, pop and jazz. music. Then in the mid-seventies, I heard George Clinton. I joined Mr. Star Child and his band.

So, it just made sense to me in the seventies after joining George Clinton and his Funkstateers to take my futuristic persona on stage and to also party at clubs in attire that was . . .  well . . . different. (Ah for the days of Purple hair and butterfly cowboy boots).

Dressing up allowed me to exist as an artistic Black woman, capable of feats of incredible being there.  Of course, one had to know the trends, the icons favored by club and performance party culture, what was right on and what wasn’t.

A not too dissimilar cultural literacy frequently abounds in 21st century Comic Con goers. From the Star trek franchise to apocalyptical characters to just plain fun personas, interacting with folks in a communal multi-cultural ambiance as they interpret our current pop culture sheroes. heroes, and icons into “beingness” is an interesting experience.

Star Trek Next Generation: cosplayer as Geordi La Forge

Star Trek Next Generation: cosplayer as Geordi La Forge

Cosplayers as  Zombies

Cosplayers as Zombies

Cosplayer as  "Fun-Sista Woman!"

Cosplayer as
“Fun-Sista Woman!”

A working definition of cultural literacy? According to Encyclopedia. Com

CULTURAL LITERACY refers to the concept that citizens in a democracy should possess a common body of knowledge that allows them to communicate effectively, govern themselves, and share in their society’s rewards. E. D. Hirsch Jr., a literary scholar, popularized the term in the best-selling book Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know in 1987. . . Hirsch maintained that early education should focus on content and that all students, not just a bright few, could achieve cultural literacy. Hirsch offered in his book 5,000 terms that he thought culturally literate Americans should recognize. The list included dates (“1776”), historical persons (“Brown, John”), titles of historic documents (“Letter from a Birmingham Jail”), figures of speech (“nose to the grindstone”), and terms from science (“DNA”). . . . Critics were afraid that Hirsch’s cultural literacy list was simplistic, presumed a uniform Eurocentric culture, failed to reflect the nation’s diversity of race and ethnicity. Hirsch answered his critics by greatly expanded his list in The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, published in 1988 and revised it in 1993 written with Joseph F. Kett and James Trefil. 1

Young people have a tendency become fans of folks, to look up to real life mentors and fictional characters. They constantly “read” pop culture as a way to make sense of their world.  Our mulit-cultural society’s popular cultural narratives provide the worst (villains) and thankfully best (sheroes, heroes) examples of humanity. San Diego Comic-Con offered an opportunity to inhabit today’s visual and written narrative tableaus of potential, even for a post 1970s Funkstateers Afronaut like me.

Delores Fisher and Cosplayer as the Walking Dead character Michonne

Delores Fisher and Cosplayer as the Walking Dead character Michonne

Just sayin’


Delores Fisher

End Note

  1. Cultural Literacy. Dictionary of American History. 2003. 16 Sep. 2015 <>.web.

Delores Fisher’s Comic Con Chronicles 2015 # 3

On Friday, feeling more into comicdom festiveness, I went looking for Cosplayers. It had been a week of clouds, drizzle, and BRIGHT, HOT, SUNSHINE!!! At last. My search began in earnest—- day, evening . . .even into the night!

Delores Fisher and Flash San Diego Comic Con 2015

Delores Fisher and Flash
San Diego Comic Con 2015

In the morning on Friday– the entire week seemed outside of chronological order for me so I am embracing unfolding flow stream of of of ooooooffffffff consciousness to get this post out.

Found several African American cosplayers, many of whom expressed the importance of comicsfor them as children and teenagers: story lines about good, evil, apathy, responsibility to community, family, and self, innocence. (See the new Marvel 21st Century perspective on characters and story lines–including a Hip Hop “flavah” for this present multi-intersectionality global generation.

Comics were often a road to enjoying reading and early literacy, (More in the next post) Now,  here are a few more of my fab cosplayers.

Aquaman and Delores Fisher

Aquaman and Delores Fisher

So many exciting costumes. Aqua whirlpool water wonder gallantry gave way to Mad Hatter vortex rabbit hole.

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Sheroes day out at Con 2015 in  full attire and ah, hmmmmm, incognito.

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Riddle me a thought of arch rivals revolving narcissism.

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

I even went out later that evening. Playing with camera’s special affects . . .hopefully caught the essence of this couple.

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Waiting for the Fashion Valley Trolly Saturday AM I met a most interesting very intense less than gregarious troll in daylight radiance: Mookoo

San Diego Comic Con 2015  QUEENMOOKO the Troll Queen

San Diego Comic Con 2015
QUEEN MOOKO the Troll Queen

And, you just won’t believe who I saw sitting at a bus stop outside the House of Blues Saturday AM…

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015

It was a fun romp with a lot of families cosplaying together and having fun.

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015:  A Family Affair!

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015:
A Family Affair!

I have a lot more photos,look for them in my slide show section soon (traveling for a few days!!!) but I’ll leave you with a few more of my personal favorites:


San Diego Comic Don 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015 Power Ranger-Red Ranger

Cosplay San Diego Comic Con 2015
Power Ranger-Red Ranger


Delores Fisher

Delores Fisher’s Comic Con 2015 Chronicles # 2

Delores Fisher Bayside

Delores Fisher Bayside Early AM Comic Con 2015

Of course I was still funkily not in a festive mood on Thursday morning before the big Comic Con evening opening. I walked around the Embarcadero area for some reason thinking about my trip to the dentist’s office and his somewhat not pleasant prescriptive news. A possible additional visit to an internal specialist before seeing an oral surgeon was not what I wanted to hear. But he was honest and looking out for my best interests.

Strolling past Seaport village through cool morning air, I met a few cosplayers during my walk as they too were enjoying Embarcadero sights.




Later that day, I returned to the street side of the Convention Center to visit  Comic Con for a blog post. Ah well, honest … I needed cheering up. I remembered my encounter with the Sharknado III “Oh Hell No!” publicity girls the night before; it was a blast. They were so uproarishly funny. They had me and others laughing and posing for photos for several minutes.

Delores Fisher and Sharnado  Girls at Comic Con 2015

Delores Fisher and Sharnado Girls at Comic Con 2015

Thinking about their playfulness the evening before, I began to relax and join in Comic Con’s fun of people watching.

Quite a few outside exhibits were completely built and open bayside and along Harbor Drive across from the Convention Center. Assassin’s Creed obstacle course was a favorite again this year. Athletic men and women compete in this grueling challenge similar to Ninja Warriors obstacle courses. And, like most locals and non locals who are the audio/visual/interactive peripheral pop culture participants of Comic Con, we could not resist the almost block long event.

Assassin's Creed Tower at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Assassin’s Creed Tower at San Diego Comic Con 2015

We supportively cheered and whistled as aspiring assassins sweated their way through.

Assassin's Creed Obstacle Course Comic Con 2015

Assassin’s Creed Obstacle Course Comic Con 2015

Thursday was such a hazy day. Friday and Saturday would hopefully be sunnier with more cosplay encounters.


D. Fisher

Delores Fisher’s Comic Con Chronicles 2015 #1

Delores Fisher Finally in a Comic Con mood

Delores Fisher Finally in a Comic Con mood

Like many in San Diego this year, I was a bit apprehensive about Comic Con 2015’s arrival. Our city celebrated a huge July 4th blow out party with one of the biggest fire works celebration in the nation. We were recovering from socializing, remembering, and yes, partying when it became a San Diego  reality that Comic Con was only a few days away and San Diego Fringe Festival is soon after we clean up from Comic Con.

A few signs had already began to appear

Restaurant with Comic Con publicity

Restaurant with Comic Con publicity

Horton Plaza Store Window

Horton Plaza Store Window

Street poster with Antman

Street poster with Antman

Many of us were in a kinda funky mood despite the holiday. National racial and socio-political trauma burden many hearts and minds. We continue to be surrounded by talk of losing sports teams. Another education budget crisis shadow looms over area colleges. Our homeless population is growing faster than alternative housing. Concerned thoughts hover like thick early morning fog; June gloom came in May and is still here!

Early morning San Diego

Early morning San Diego

Even I was in a funk!

Delores Fisher early AM strolling

Delores Fisher early AM strolling

Still in a dark mood, I finally wrote about the incident in Charleston 

My soul began to feel a little better. Although I cover my grief and anguish, it will remain. It’s going to take a while.

Wednesday evening, pre Comic Con, I shook off a little of the malaise and got a few pictures as the city began creating its Comic Con 2015 production.

Zombie city

Zombie city

Ferris Wheel in Petco Park

Ferris Wheel in Petco Park

Comic Con brings together humanity in its diversity with an overarching goal . . . to celebrate our narrative parables and cautionary tales about the mundane, the good, and the evil embodied, the heroes, sheroes, and villians, the pawns and innocent bystanders imprinted on characters who reflect in many ways our complex humanity: who we are, who we were, and who we could possible become.

Delores Fisher Still feeling a bit  Downtown funk!

Delores Fisher Still feeling a bit Downtown funk!

Looking at workers assembling emerging installations and the huge production process, I anticipate mingling with tomorrow’s Comic Con goers local and non local, famous and not so famous, and of course . . . the coming of cosplayers.

. . . .Thinking these thoughts, I walk on into the evening’s awakening.

Pre Comic on funky . . .


Delores Fisher

I Am Human: I Am The Dream—27th All Peoples Celebration 2015

Delores Fisher blogging at the Broadway Pier

Delores Fisher blogging at the Broadway Pier

San Diego’s All Peoples Celebration is an annual event. Our humanity, our diversity is its focus, bringing races, religions, life styles, levels of health and well being,  able bodied and disabled, people from media, politics, sciences, education, the arts and more into one large auditorium sized room to embrace and applaud all of humanity in positive unity.

It was good to be in the company of colleagues and friends. Award winning international choreographer, dance workshop facilitator, and friend Sandra Foster King was a few tables away and we had a chance to catch up on our artistic projects.

Friends from times gone: Sandra Foster King and Delores Fisher

Friends from times gone:
Sandra Foster King and Delores Fisher

Intending to post sooner– at the end of February– I did get a chance to “do” a few tweets: which happens a lot when I have a busy schedule

Music from various artists emphasized the breakfast celebration’s theme.

Korean Drum Ensemble

The Korean Drum Ensemble’s sound filled the room. Their rhythymic precision blended with masterful musical energy rocked the house as we entered and checked in.


Grace Covenant Church Choir

Grace Covenant Church’s Gospel choir’s melodious voices and rousing praise-filled Gospel music arrangements raised the roof as the audience smiled and clapped along. They even received several “amens.”

Grace Covenant Choir at San Diego All People's Celebration 2015

Grace Covenant Choir at San Diego All People’s Celebration 2015

They also led the audience in harmonious rendition of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” often referred to as the cultural “Black National Anthem”.


Shivon and Ant Black

Photo Op Moment: Shivon, Delores Fisher, Ant Black, and friends

Photo Op Moment: Shivon, Delores Fisher, Ant Black, and friends


Ant Black and Shivon at San Diego's 27th All Peoples Celebration

Ant Black and Shivon at San Diego’s 27th All Peoples Celebration

Whitney Shay & Beston Barnett

So much talent given from the heart. Award winning vocalist Whitney Shay, accompanied by the skillful guitar stylings of Beston Barnett, shared her time and artistry with us.

Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber

Assemblymember for the 79th district, Dr. Shirley Weber, gave an on point, powerfully delivered opening message that seemed prophetic considering our current social/political climate in retrospect.

Dr Shirley Weber at All People's Celebration 2015

Dr Shirley Weber at All People’s Celebration 2015

Ryan Haygood

Keynote speaker Ryan Haygood, followed with an inspirational and almost prophetic charge to remember that indeed we are all on this planet Earth together to help and share our best intentions to further humanities’ expanding consciousness.

Keynote Speaker Ryan Ryan Haygood at the All People's Celebration 2015

Keynote Speaker Ryan Ryan Haygood at the All People’s Celebration 2015


Kendrick Dial and Lyrical Groove

Award winning recording artist Kendrick Dial and lyrical Groove took a pause from working on their newly released album Spoken Soul: Music For Life( watch for the review-I went to the CD release party at San Diego’s House of Blues–it was a party and a half!!).

Kendrick Dial at The All People's Celebration 2015

Kendrick Dial at The All People’s Celebration 2015

Kendrick Dial and  Lyrical Groove Vocalist Live on stage

Kendrick Dial and Lyrical Groove Vocalist Live on stage at  27th All Peoples Celebration

It was an event that renewed friendships and solidified commitments to be in process, striving in becoming collaborative partners, co-builders actively pursuing  Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of all people living in peace equality and harmony.