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Delores Fisher San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Post 1

July 21, 2017


Delores Fisher and Cosplayer (more Ethnic Cosplayers joining in the fun this year!)

Hello Sonic Tapestry readers. It’s a hot San Diego International Comic-Con 2017 SUMMER! Thankful for a cloud cover early Thursday morning, it got really hot.

Waking up with anticipation, I considered how to cover San Diego International Comic-Con this 2017. Since I enjoy featuring cosplayers from an “outside view angle,” with occasional social commentary, this year seems like a good time to change the game a little, especially on this Thursday July 20th, the first day of events.


Remember to check out the Interactive Fun Zone with exhibits and Fun Foods!


Delores Fisher and Pac Man Cosplayer

First,  newby Cosplayer photo etiquette:

#1 San Diego Comic-Con is the largest on the West coast so, decide what and where you want to photograph first

#2 Have your camera or cell phone settings ready, also have specific questions ready about how cosplayers put together their attire

#3 ASK to take a picture first-especially family cosplayers with children

#4 Adjust to “cosplayer and general crowd flow,” if they’re walking quickly in the opposite direction, perhaps going to the back of an event line, they may not want to stop to take a picture

#5 DON’T SNAP MID-BITE! Take pictures when they are posing for you—not eating

#6 Don’t touch unless cosplayers offer handshakes, etc

#7 Thank cosplayers for stopping and posing for a photo

And now, a few more first day photos!


Delores Fisher and 1st official cosplayer of Day 1



With Cosplayer by the boardwalk

Cosplayer 2

Loki and Thor in action!



Star Wars Cosplayer (popular Cosplay theme this year)



Many Family cosplayers this year


Evening Cosplayer, Walking Dead (He was interviewed on one of the local news stations earlier)


At evening IMax event

Many more photos and posts. Welcome San Diego Comic-Con International!

Delores Fisher


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